Nonlinear Learning

The Nonlinear Learning lab focuses on questions related to the future of education and the quality of student learning experiences. We envision the education environment to be an intellectual playground for inquirers to activate new perspectives, discoveries, and mindsets crucial to their understanding of themselves and of the world.

We’re dedicated to developing transformative methods, tools and programs


  • What do we mean by “quality” education and how do we define educational success?
  • To what extent can innovation triumph over systemic barriers to equity? How can we celebrate and build on the success stories of other initiatives?
  • What curriculum and mindset designs pose the heaviest limitations to learning? How do we prioritize the right educational experiences?
  • How do we address various educational barriers at the student level, the school level, and a systemic level?
  • What is the most effective way to combat the mental health epidemic in schools? What is the most direct way to promote health and wellness?
  • How do we prepare future scholars with the tools to combat the ambiguities that lie ahead?


  • Understand the mental health epidemic from the perspective of students, teachers, educators, and scholars
  • Identify the weakest links of the education system and the inflection points with the greatest impact to students, educators, and schools
  • To develop innovative teaching methods that translate into unconventional intellectual experiences
  • To build meaningful opportunities for intellectual growth inside and outside the formal classroom space
  • To directly address the systemic biases and limitations