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Free Your Highest Self

the artist's reward


through life DESIGN and storytelling, we create a space for individuals to unite and free their highest selves. 


the mission


If you're like us, you often see your life as a story or movie 

...the people with whom you interact as characters in your tale. And, you too, are characters in their stories. The journey that you’re on right now--is taking part in a greater story of individuals who are freeing their highest selves, expanding their potential, and building a life that belongs entirely to them. Do you want to be a part of that story? Because we are writing it. 

Based on the person you wish to become, we write you a story of a possible future, and then help you design the structures, mindset, and habits to help you build the person you want to be and the impact you wish to create.

The purpose of When Toys Age is to build a collection of real stories that inspires the audience to free and expand their highest selves. These aren't just stories about personal growth and self-actualization, but  ones about groups of individuals supporting each other and holding each other accountable to their collective potential, highest selves, and life dreams.

The program is designed such that individuals take turns narrating the story (alongside our team of writers and artists), so we can experience the story through their eyes and voices.


Partner with us

What is that? You are an artist with skills that can add to the story? Great!


Help a creator design their story. We're putting together a fund to help support creatives through this program.

Help Fund An Artist