“A small team
with big dreams of
solving universal problems”

Your Journey

When Toys Age is built on a family model. At When Toys Age, our team is our family. When you join our team, you join us on an exhilarating journey to find answers & solutions that impact the world we live in.

Your Role

Your work at When Toys Age is as much about your growth as it is about ours. We operate on a 50/50 model. You share with us your career aspirations, and we match you with projects to get you there.

Life at When Toys Age

🌎 Always meaningful work

    • Your work makes difference here, always

🌱 Freedom to grow

    • Mentorship & career development
    • Design your role, shape as you go

🥳 Celebrations & Fun

    • Project launch “baby showers”
    • SWAG with every project

😎 Bragging rights

    • Complete healthcare coverage (unlimited visits, zero copays)
    • Unlimited vacation days
    • Remote work flexibility

💡 Your Career @ WTA

  1. What we look for: Share with us your career + life aspirations, and we assess your fit based on your alignment with our mission, values, and strategic goals

  2. Designing your role: Next, we decide together on a suitable track, and match you with projects based on your skill level and desired areas of growth

  3. Accountability: Together with your mentor, you will build a personal career plan through which we establish accountability and measure your growth and performance

  4. Shaping your work: As always, we always encourage you to experiment with new ideas and growth tracks. If you want to try something new, let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen for you

Our Teams

Think Group

Research + Data

The think group is our group of researchers. As researchers, we interview people on their big internal questions in life and the one big change they want to see in the world, find trends within the patterns, and transform our data into digestible stories. 

  • Interviews: All members of the think group are required to complete 20 interviews a week. These are brief 1-minute interviews, but we require that our team members personally connect with people each week

  • Brainstorm: Based on the answers from these interviews, team members will lead weekly discussions to highlight key trends and patterns, brainstorm potential issues to focus on, and establish key metrics to track

  • Research: Once we’ve identified key areas of focus, our team will then design projects to research and test our interpretation of the data to design a possible solution

  • Data management: Members are also required to collectively build a workflow and database management system to manage research, activities, and data


Design + Engineering

The Creation Group’s job is to never stop experimenting with new perspectives and ways to approach our issues. Working closely with the Think Group, the sole purpose of this group is to design and engineer creative, innovative, and meaningful solutions that solve the issues at hand.

  • Planing: Work alongside the Think Group to interpret data and trends, and assess the viability of various solutions

  • Design: Design-celebrate-test-celebrate-improve-celebrate

  • Management: Please note that as a designer/engineer, you may have to manage multiple projects and tests

Experience Group

Content + Media

Our experience group has the wonderful task of taking our data and message, and crafting intimate experiences that touch our audience through content and media.

  • Content Curation: Our curation team takes the big questions that are shared with us and carefully curates online content that provide powerful insight and answers

  • Content Writing: Members of this team will follow the Think Group closely through their research and design paths and write stories that help broaden the perspective of our readers

  • Media: Our media team then takes our content and builds powerful stories through pictures and video

  • Strategy: Finally, our strategy team will leverage social media and other platforms to craft intimate, meaningful experiences for our audience

Community Group

Journalism + PR

The role of the connection group is simple—building meaningful, lasting relationships with our community.

  • Journalism: Our editorial team shares the stories of remarkable individuals

  • Public Relations: Our PR team builds and manages relationships with storytellers and press 

  • Strategic Partnerships: Our strategic partnerships team connects with mission-based groups to collaboratively serve our community

  • User Experience Management: Our UX team measures the success of our brands by the success of our users

Want to join us?

Dear Team,


We are a family of dreamers and magical thinkers. If we’re going to build the world that we envision, then we must dare to reach for the stars.


When you find your uniqueness, choose it.

Let it shine from within.



We see growth in a non-linear way and encourage our employees to continuously step outside the box, to explore new ideas and perspectives.


We are an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. We show up our very best everyday, exceed expectations, and constantly break boundaries


When you join our team, you make a commitment to unwavering excellence—to creating lasting, extraordinary change in our world.



We choose the simple luxuries of life—joy, love, health, gratitude. May we all live in a world where everyone has access to these luxuries.