Identity Blueprints

The Identity Blueprints lab examines the patterns we adopt as individuals, communities, and cultures, and explore the mechanisms that shape the way we perceive, experience, and engage with the world. 

We explore various constructs of “self” and how these contructs contribute to automatic thought and behavioral processes that underlay our decisions and respective journeys. 

We also investigate the ways in which our positive and negative experiences influence the identities we choose to adopt, as well as the extent to which they protect us from our fears and/or limit us from further growth. 


* indicates a current project

  • How do identities form? To what extent do we control our defining identities?
  • What happens when identities overstay their welcome? How do we better recognize the limitations that they pose, and let go of the that no longer serve us? 
  • In what ways do our “big internal/recurring questions in life” reflect in our lifestyle, work, and friendship choices?
  • To what extent can we build and integrate mindset designs into our everday lives to inspire meaningful shifts in behavior?*


  • Leverage mindset structures