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WTAbout Us?

When Toys Age is a creative studio dedicated to answering universal questions and creating the change we wish to see in the world.





We’re a small team with very big dreams. We take immense pride in the value we create, and pour our hearts into each and every project ♥


How It Works


Our projects are inspired by the big questions you ask and motivated by the causes you believe in. When Toys Age is a place where things and people and magic come together to collectively make things happen.


 When Toys Age?


The Story We Tell

Toys stand for growth, fun, color, play, learning...etc. At some point, toys age and no longer serve you the way they used to. What do we do when that happens? When Toys Age, we build something better.

The Story You Didn’t Know:

"The story that most people don't hear is that my last name is Wen, my mother's maiden name is Thoi, and all the names in our family begin with the letter H. My Mom always says that she loves the letter H because it stands for all the good things in life--happiness, health, home, heart. In the same sense, WTA is home to me. I don't just want to build a business, my goal is to make this world a better home for us all.

My family is one of those happy families--endless jokes and laughter bring us together. We simply work as a family. People continuously ask us how we're so contagiously happy together, and our answer is that we each do our part and more. We deeply understand and care for each other, and we respect the bond that we create everyday. Each of us understand our role and what it means for everyone else, and we never stop building ourselves and our role. Me? I'm the Hillaryous one who cracks really bad jokes. :)"