Setting values that support agile goals

In this agile age, we find ourselves constantly bombarded with new goals and tasks, sometimes at the same time. Focusing on the right task becomes difficult when goals aren’t set properly. So, in a professional setting we review them to ensure that we have set the right goals. This process would be annually, quarterly, and by project. But what’s the step between setting goals and accomplishing goals?

It’s finding the right people with the right mindset.

It’s asking questions like - What kind of team do I want to assemble? What does the team stand for? Who needs to be on the team? Who can contribute as an individual player?

Organizations set 4-6 values in the beginning, then host annual events that recognize employees who have exemplified these values. The best of them find ways to accurately measure them in performance reviews. That’s not bad-but why stop there?

One of the greatest scholars of the 18th century, Samuel Johnson said, “Man more likely needs to be reminded than informed” and we listened. At When Toys Age, we’ve built a model that shows how your mission, values, and goals align. We show a new method to establish values by asking yourself a question: What values serve as reminders of what we are becoming and who we need to be?

As an organization, we set our values early on, we know what we stand for and who we want to become. As we achieved our goals we realized that some values are better aligned and more relevant too. Now when we as we set new goals, we embody these values as a team to achieve the best outcome.

  1. Unity & Understanding: Establishing values is a great team building activity that gives all its members a sense of belonging. When we talk about values, people’s strengths, passions, and beliefs are revealed, which deepens understanding and connection between team members and promotes a sense of individuality and diversity.

  2. Accountability: As a team, we are not just holding each other accountable to our tasks and responsibilities; we were holding ourselves and each other accountable to strong values and a better version of ourselves. That takes trust, teamwork, and friendship.

  3. Goal Alignment: Reinforcing the importance of our goals and mission by reminding ourselves was instrumental in achieving our outcomes. It’s the who to our what, where, and why.

Check out our website to learn more about our Triple Alignment model, and how you can integrate our model into your system and core HR processes to set the right goals, hire the right people, and continuously measure alignment between your mission, goals, and values.