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Introducing WPYDUni

In a world of endless opportunity, changes, and challenges, we’re looking to build a generation of unstoppable individuals with heard voices, and a strong foundation of identity, equilibrium, and expression. We’re now partnering with universities to pilot the WPYD University Program.

Like operating a live business within the university walls where students from all disciplines can come together and practice their trade, our program provides the ideal setting to explore the intersection of research, science, management, art, media, design, strategy, and business.

At the end of the program, students with promising potential in their field are connected with a recruiting firm to help students find meaningful work.

To learn more about the program and how it works, click here.


Why bring US to your school?

Here are just a few benefits of partnering with us



Research awareness

What better way to promote your research than through storytelling? Instead of publishing only within your research community, expand your research to a wider audience starting from within your university walls.


Management Course

Based on our Triple Alignment Model & Methodology, we’ve designed a life and professional management course dedicated to helping students carve out the structure to achieve work-life balance, and align their mission, goals, and values.


diversity & inclusion

We can’t think of a better way to highlight the importance of diversity & inclusion than through hidden identities. Can you? We all have them—question is whether we’re able to overcome the parts that limit us, and whether we must brave it alone.



uniting diverse disciplines

Bringing people together through art, identity, and storytelling.

WPYDUniversity is designed to unite diverse disciplines within the university under one project. Much like an independent organization, each team will have to perform their role in order for this to be successful. It’s like running a business from within the university using all the different resources available.




professional Opportunities

Students will gain real life experience in their desired profession while being part of this meaningful community. In addition to gaining experience and piloting a new program, they’ll be encouraged to co-design their roles and take initiative in their own professional development. As this is a startup, students will also gain experience in navigating the ever-changing startup community.

We’ve partnered with a recruiting firm specializing in job design to help source and build talent.

By bringing our program to your university, your students will have access to potential employers, opening doors to new professional resources, tools, and connections.