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So often we adopt identities that eventually form the basis of our limiting beliefs, pronouncing us dead before we even begin.



Who pronounced you dead, and how can we collectively surpass our limiting beliefs?


where TED talks meet Disney

A life design & storytelling program uniting worlds to build truth and magic into the stories of everyday unheard voices


Childhood Dream


When Hillary was a child, she asked herself what kind of world she wanted to live in and build for herself. Disney was a deep inspiration as he created a world of magic for children to live in. She thought then—wouldn’t it be nice if there was a Disney for all of us? And so she decided to bring that childhood dream to life, with an extra twist.

Based on the Triple Alignment Model, the team has built a life design + storytelling program dedicated to freeing individuals of the identities that hold them back, and painting the picture of who they wish to become, and building a lifestyle that belongs entirely to them. WPYD partners with researchers, coaches, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, and organizations to create and tell these real-life stories of the common unheard voices within us.

“As a writer, dreamer, and artist, I can’t imagine a greater honor than to write magic and truth into people’s lives.” 

Hillary, Founder


What differentiates our program



Program Design

Our accelerated program was designed using the Triple Alignment Model, with exercises you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Each cohort, we partner with specialized researchers & life coaches to build the best experience for our participants.



Creative Twist

Our team of writers follow each participant through their unique tales, and weave their stories together in a creative form—published only if every participant achieves their goals.




As the audience, we watch as these individuals push and inspire each other to become better versions of themselves, each individual building their dream while knowing they’re part of something greater.


Wondering how it works?




Commitment: 3-month accelerated life-design program, and additional 3 months of  content, coaching and accountability to achieve 1 year goals.

Team: Each cohort brings together 6-10 participants. In addition to your personal coach and media team, participants will be assigned an accountability partner.




Initiatives: We support under-acknowledged causes that align with our mission.

Selection: Themes are chosen based on severity of issue, relevance, and relatability with the help of our readers and voters.




Doing our part: A portion of earnings from each house are pooled in to support our research initiatives.

Sponsorship: We are joined and supported by our incredible sponsors who share and stand by our mission to maximize human identity, equilibrium, and expression.




Objective 1: To provide a space for individuals to reimagine their ideal selves and potential, and help build the structure, practices, and routines to bring them closer to who they want to be. To build a collection of true stories that inspire others to free their highest selves.

Objective 2: To unite inspirational artists and organizations around the world under a common theme, and invite them to share the same story stories in their own unique forms of expression.

Objective 3: To help bring to light under-recognized challenges, struggles, and setbacks.