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The Museum

connecting & Expanding identities through art


the travelling galleries


The Art

Following the completion of each program, we bring together the art and creative communities, inviting all types of artists to interpret and express these stories in their own unique form / style.


The galleries

Our sponsors will host specific collections of artwork in their office / on their websites for some time, where viewers can visit these travelling galleries.


The Experience

Much like a treasure map, our viewers are able to visit different collections of art through our travelling galleries.

We also partner with local businesses and destinations to build our stories and identities into the experience.


Art & Expression

 To explore all styles of expression and express ourselves in every form possible.



Our why

We believe that there are infinite ways to tell a story, that each individual holds a piece of that story, and that we all express ourselves differently. What if each person expressed their piece of the story in their own unique style?

the art movement 

Following the completion of each program, we share the story with our art & creative communities. Artists will have ten days to complete a piece of art to express the identity in their own unique style.

Whether you’re a poet, painter, musician, photographer, animator, musician, dancer, or film director, you’re an artist and a storyteller! That’s our passion, isn’t it? Telling stories through our own styles of expression. Let’s come together and find out how many different ways one story can be told, how many different forms live in the same truth.

why join our art community

With every new research initiative / theme, you can join artists and storytellers around the world in sharing your unique style of expression for those who need their voices heard! Whether you do it for the art, for the impact, or for the sense of community, there’s one thing we know for sure—that at the end of ten days, there will be an explosion of truth, color, depth, and connection.



 Remind your team of the importance of identity, creativity, accountability, and growth.



Our why

We wanted to weave our mission into everyday life, and provide an environment that inspires creativity, growth, and self-discovery.

WHO are our sponsors

Our sponsors are diverse organizations ranging from hotels, offices, malls, restaurants…etc. who share our mission

what it looks like

Following the completion of our artists’ work, we will send you carefully-selected artwork best suited to your organization’s mission, story, and environment.

Your organization will then be placed on a “treasure map” for our viewers to visit and explore like an art gallery! As this is a travelling exhibition, the art will live on your wall for up to 6 months.

sponsorship benefits

On your walls will celebrate the unity of unheard voices, research, and storytelling blended into diverse forms and expressions of creativity, personal growth, inspiration, and identity. Take a moment and take it all in.


  • Being a part of something greater

    • Art: Having an art gallery in your very own walls is a pretty big deal!

    • Inspiration: Our message is one of creativity, personal growth, self-empowerment, and accountability, inspiring your teams and viewers to think outside the box and combat burn out

    • Branding: Intersecting art and business, with greater visibility and exposure in all our communities

  • Additional perks for corporate sponsors

    • Talent: Access to our recruiting and job design service

    • Team-building: Not only is art a great pathway to team building, but we also help design and host team building & work design experiences inspired by our life design program


creative partnerships

Raising awareness through everyday products and experiences.


creative partners

Our why

Spreading voices through everyday experiences.

what it looks like

Our creative partners consist of entrepreneurs, influencers, corporations, and institutions from all sectors who are looking to contribute through their unique offerings. We team up with product and design teams to create new products and experiences that honor these voices and their dreams and messages. Your location—physical or virtual—will be added to our treasure map as a destination for viewers to visit.

why become a creative partner

If you’re building products anyway, why not build it in a way that inspires connection? We believe that the options are endless, and so is our potential for impact, and invite you to join hands in building something greater than ourselves, something to remind us everyday of the hidden, collective struggles and dreams we share.


Hi! we believe in the transformational power of art

And we’re thinking you believe in it too…


let art expand our identities and touch our everyday lives.

perhaps starting with connection :)

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