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What are the identities we give ourselves that keep us from our potential, and how can we collectively write better stories?

by joining stories and rewriting our narratives together


about This Project

Who Pronounced You Dead is a travelling program and gallery uniting identities to write stories of everyday unheard voices.

Every quarter, we bring together research, life design, creative writing, art, entrepreneurship, and institutions to create and share the stories of common unheard voices.

Think Storycorps meets TED meets Disney, inspired and created by all of us.


Who Pronounced You Dead?

Where Storycorps meets TED meets Disney


Who Pronounced You Dead, A When Toys Age Project

about WPYD

At its very core, Who Pronounced You Dead is a life design + storytelling initiative, where we bring together high-caliber individuals to shine a spotlight on the under-recognized challenges, struggles and setbacks formed through limiting beliefs and identities. We follow these individuals through a 3-month journey to shed limiting identities and beliefs, and collectively build stronger, more powerful narratives.

At the end of each cohort, we invite creative writers, artists, and researchers to help weave the stories together, and partner with entrepreneurs and institutions to transform everyday experiences into art galleries.

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1. The Identities

Once a quarter, we bring together inspiring individuals looking to build the lives they want, and become the best versions of themselves.


3. The Science

We partner with leading researchers to bring to light the challenges, struggles, and setbacks formed through our identities.


5. The Art Movement

Following the completion of each program, we bring together the art and creative communities, inviting different types of artists to interpret and express these stories in their own unique form / style.

7. The Experiences

Our creative partners consist of entrepreneurs, influencers, corporations, and institutions from all sectors who are looking to contribute through their unique offerings. We team up with product and design teams to build new products and experiences that honor the voices, dreams and stories of our identities.


2. The Life Design

We partner with coaches to help build the structure, practices, and accountability to bring us closer to who and where we want to be.


4. The Storytelling

We partner with a group of talented writers to take a collection of true stories and weave them together into one inspiring tale.


6. The Galleries

Our incredible sponsors transform their offices into art galleries, where each sponsor hosts a special art collection expressing an intricate piece of the story. On their walls and websites celebrate the unity of unheard voices, research, storytelling, and art. Find out what galleries are in your neighborhood, and when they’re open for visitors!


 “If only we knew each other’s secrets, What comforts we would find.”


Upcoming Stories You Can Join


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Who Pronounced You Dead, A When Toys Age Project

Accountabilitea Series

The mission of this series is to bring together a new group of inspirational women every quarter to write the stories of our collective potential.

Our life design + storytelling program transpires into a series of casual afternoon discussions liberating visions of identity, equilibrium, and expression. Join us in unraveling the truth behind the storyteller we call our identity, and in taking a look inside to see how they write our stories, how we help them narrate it.

At the end of the program, we write a creative narrative on the depth, beauty, and dedication behind our group’s visions to share the highest expression of what it means to be who we are in the time and space we embody together.

Who Pronounced You Dead, A When Toys Age Project

Artists’ Retreat

“Writers aren't people exactly. if they're any good, they're a whole lot of people trying so hard to be one person.”

Each serving as a character in our story, the purpose of this retreat is to bring together great writers of our time to release the identities unexplored identities within, and bring to life a world we build together.