how we make it happen



the research

Initiatives: We support under-acknowledged causes that align with our mission.

Selection: Themes are chosen based on severity of issue, relevance, and relatability with the help of our research community, as well as our readers and voters.



the program

Purpose: Based on the theme of our research, we bring together 6-10 participants who share the identity, and partner with specialized researchers & life coaches to build the best experience for our participants. Our team of creative writers follow each participant through their unique tales and weave their collective stories together under one inspiring tale.



the museum

Art + Expression: We bring the art and creative community together and invite all types of artists to interpret and express these stories in their own unique forms and styles.

Partners + Sponsors: We made sponsorship fun! Sponsors of our program are sent a piece of artwork to display on their website or office. Much like a treasure map, we map out our artwork for our audience to visit—like a worldwide museum!