Whether you’re a poet, painter, musician, photographer, animator, musician, dancer, or film director, you’re an artist and a storyteller! That’s our passion, isn’t it? Telling stories through our own styles of expression.

With every new research initiative / theme, you can join artists and storytellers around the world in sharing your unique style of expression for those who need their voices heard!


We partner with inspiring entrepreneurs, influencers, corporations, and institutions from all sectors who share similar missions to contribute in their own way.

Collaborate with our design team on a joint project—we believe that the options are endless, as is our potential for impact!



We made sponsorship fun, combining community impact with employee engagement! Sponsors of our program are sent a piece of artwork to display on their website or office. Much like a treasure map, we map out our artwork for our audience to visit—like a worldwide museum!

We’ve also partnered with a recruiting firm to work with your HR team specializing in job design to connect your organization with top talent within our greater community.