One Childhood Dream Come True

When I was a child, I asked myself what kind of world I wanted to live in and build for myself. Walt Disney was a deep inspiration as he created a world of magic for children to live in. I thought then—wouldn’t it be nice if Disney stories were real? And so, after many years, I decided to bring this childhood dream to life, with an extra twist.

Through our life design and storytelling initiative, we envision a world where we all come together, release the identities that hold us back, and write our stories with more truth and magic. It’s important to know that we’re not alone in our journeys, so we invite artists, creators, and organizations from all corners of the world to participate in our galleries, sharing the stories of our common hidden identities through art. Who Pronounced You Dead is my childhood dream come true. This project is dedicated to mini me: thanks for believing in us, for never losing sight of our dreams, to the children still living inside all of us, may our dreams come true.

“As a writer, dreamer, and artist, I can’t imagine a greater honor than to write magic and truth into people’s lives.” 

Hillary Wen, Founder