Two Day Goal Setting Strategy Workshop

When to use: For teams experiencing change, whether it's a new product, new initiative, or new quarter, invite us to join your team for a two-day strategy & planning session. 

What to expect: Using our simple yet powerful strategic tool, we help your team identify a powerful mission, set clear and aligned goals, identify strategic values, and build the right team to execute the project. We'll join you in the thick of the action as we help you define and align your mission, values, goals, and story using our Triple Alignment Model, our proven methodologies, and collection of resources & tools. 

We supply: The venue, the expertise, and the fun!


When to use:

What can employees do to guide their own careers?

Invite us to speak at your organization

Intended for employees, show them how to guide their own career from speakers who have guided their own career path and created their.

Talk about the experiences, the steps, accountability, support from team. 


Employee Expansion



HR Training


Train your HR team to weave job design into processes and systems. 

The ways you can integrate into core HR processes 


As managers, learn what you can do to help guide employee's career. How you can allow them to explore, and how you can manage and guide performance. 

How to career map and determine professional dveelopment


Manager Training


Triple Alignment


Learn how to use the models

  • storytelling

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