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who comes first


Inner Beauty Magazine

The inner beauty magazine and community time capsule

Our mission is to explore the inner worlds of individuals who live a life true to themselves, and bring together stories that inspire us to free our highest selves.

We believe that the who comes first—that in order to build the impact we wish to create, we must first become the person we aspire to be. For this reason, we try to capture each person’s current journey, vision for life, and vision for self, as a reminder to be kinder to ourselves and to each other. After all, we’re all still learning and growing.


The Questions We Ask


The tougher Life Questions

Time for some real talk and the hard questions. What did your journey look like? What limiting beliefs did you have to overcome? What are your current limiting beliefs?

The Bigger Life Questions

Time to think bigger and reimagine your story. What’s your vision for life? What’s your vision for yourself? In what ways are you building the world you want to live in?


The Discoveries We’re Making


Dare to love yourself

“We don’t fall in love with other people. We fall in love with the world that they live in and create for themselves everyday.” 

-Hillary, Founder at When Toys Age


Dare to dream aloud

What world are you building for yourself everyday?