Manjit is more than a meditation teacher—she helps people build their own specialized meditation practice and integrate meditation, wellness, and mindfulness in their everyday activities and way of life.

Her name, translated from Punjabi, means “To Win the Mind.” Manjit’s philosophy is that we are all unique and therefore meditation is a unique individual practice to all of us. Through her work, she encourages people to navigate their own personal path to meditation and discover their vibrancy through guided meditations.

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By Hillary Wen

Today, I had the great honor of interviewing Manjit Devgun, founder of Manjit Meditation. She was so generous to share her time and wisdom with me, and after an hour, I had to take moments at a time to process all the gold, the life lessons, and the profound depth within her words.

Listening to her story was a combination of healing, of being, of expanding, and of embracing life, as well as my own journey. I simultaneously felt the depth of human connection alongside heightened expansion, and was continuously astounded by her capacity to see beyond the noise, to feel with her whole being, and most simply put, to be. Her journey resonated immensely with me as an entrepreneur, as a life designer, and as someone who values and embraces life. And learning about how she organizes her days inspired me to adopt a new routine to mine. As she shared her story, I got to experience how she built her life around what matters to her, how much joy and fulfillment her work and her clients bring her, and how she surrounds herself with the people, energy, and content that expands her.

Feeling grateful for Manjit and for her journey, her energy, and her inspiration. Manjit, you are a great gift to this world and I am so blessed and honored to call you a friend and teacher. Lastly, grateful for The Equilibrium Journal, for how much it's impacted my life and for the way it brings me closer to my dreams, my mission, and the people I find the most remarkable in this world. People like Manjit.



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