By Hillary Wen



The purpose of this project is to deep dive into the person we want to be, the world we want to build, and the life we want to live, and then hold ourselves accountable to our visions.

What you need

Take some time and space away from your normal day-to-day. Go to a new coffee shop, a book store, a hotel, or better yet, take a vacation to refuel your dreams. This is about realigning yourself with your vision for the world, your vision for life, and your vision for yourself!

Now, go and browse the wide, luxurious database of quotes out there on the world wide web, and find the 30 quotes that truly speak to you, the ones that bring you to life. What quotes inspire you to be the best version of yourself and to live the most epic and vibrant life possible? You don’t have to, but for extra clarity, you can categorize the quotes! Here are some questions you can start with…

  1. What kind of world do you want to live in and build for yourself everyday?

  2. What do you want your one epic life to stand for?

  3. How do you want others to feel when they’re around you?



Remember that you become what you invite into your life, so invite your dreams in!

  1. Read it: Whether you store this on a powerpoint file on your phone or print it into a book, let it inspire you and pull you toward your dreams.

  2. Read it often: Read it every morning when you open your eyes to remind yourself of the journey you’re on, the world you’re building, the person you’re becoming. Every night before you close your eyes, decide how you will show up tomorrow.

  3. Read it vigorously: Whenever you need to make a decision, big or small, flip through this book and make sure every thought, action, feeling, and decision aligns with your vision.

  4. Read aloud: Hold yourself accountable. Share it with your friends and have them hold you accountable. Please, dare to free your highest self.


During a tough time in my life, I assembled a collection of quotes to remind myself of who I wanted to be. I wanted to make sure that every action and decision aligned with that person, and that everything I do brings me closer to my dreams. Years later, I still open the book every day to remind myself of who I strive to be, and to ensure that I show up to life like I belong.

This is a project I love to do with my teams and my friends so we can collectively hold each other accountable to our dreams. We learn new things about ourselves and about each other every single time. This activity also really helped us shape and align our company values. The Integrity Project is not only about integrity, but also about connection, clarity, and community. 


Assemble your quotes and tag us at #theintegrityproject. We would love to read your quotes and feature them on our page!