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Who I Am

My childhood dream has always been to invent a color that didn't already exist. You can pretty much tell my life's story in that one line. The thing about me is that I can't stop expanding. I want it all, and I'm willing and ready to earn it. My whole life, I've been blessed with incredible mentors who have believed in me and taken substantial risks to allow me the freedom to expand. Forever grateful to them, my wish is build a community in which individuals are allowed the right and privilege to truly expand. 

In the 20th Century, what determined a man's identity was the color of his skin. And in today's world, what matters is the color of our minds and our willingness to open them. Instead of contributing to the colors of the rainbow, I dedicate my work to the color of our minds. My color is expansion. 

As such, the mission of When Toys Age is to build a community of companies, individuals, and teams who expand each other. 

Hillary Wen, Founder