By Hillary Wen



To help you build a circle of people, content, and habits that bring you closer to who you want to be.

What you need

Take some time and space away from your normal day-to-day. Go to a new coffee shop, a book store, a hotel, or better yet, take a vacation to refuel your dreams. This is about realigning yourself with your vision for the world, your vision for life, and your vision for yourself!

For this project, you’ll also want to prepare the following:

  1. Marker or sharpies

  2. Post-it notes, preferably in three different colors

  3. A wall to arrange the post-its on


Identifying your values

  1. Take a step back and list the values and qualities you find most beautiful. What qualities/adjectives do you want to stand for and live by? Write each down on a post it and place them on your wall.

  2. Now take these post-its and place them on your wall in the shape of a circle. Arrange and rearrange until the circle feels right to you.

Identifying your circle

  1. Who are the people, living or dead, who embody these qualities? Who comes to mind when you think of these qualities? Write them on a different color post and and stick them next to the appropriate category.

  2. Who are the people in your life who embody these qualities? Put them in a different color post-it and stick them next to the appropriate category.

Identifying your influences

  1. What is some content you can read, watch, or listen to with that will help bring these qualities to life. The famous people that you identified—how can you absorb more of their content?

  2. The people that you admire. What do their routines look like? What are some habits you can adopt?

  3. Where do you have a lot of influence, and where do you need more? What kind of people should you surround yourself with more?


Remember that you become what you invite into your life, so invite your dreams in!

  1. Visual Integration: Reminder alerts, wallpapers, books, blogs, movies/shows

  2. Audio Integration: Podcasts, audiobooks, music playlists

  3. Habit Integration: What are some new habits you can adopt? How will they fit into your schedule? How can you track them daily?

Last Thing

Let those around you know that they inspire you. Tag #myeqjourney to let us know who inspires you!!