By Hillary Wen



To help you build a structure that holds you accountable to your goals and your vision for life!

what you need

Take some time and space away from your normal day-to-day. Go to a new coffee shop, a book store, a hotel, or better yet, take a vacation to refuel your dreams. This is about realigning yourself with your vision for the world, your vision for life, and your vision for yourself!


Accountability Types

Accountability is one of those things that can be tough to get right at first, but once you’re on track, you continue to build momentum and even bring others with you! You already know that we created The Equilibrium Journal to you help you optimize your everyday, but hey, we also know that this journal doesn’t solve all your problems every moment of your life. It’s purpose is to provide you the structure to keep you on track, and the structure to build a life that holds you accountable. That’s why accountability is so important here. There are three types of accountability that we’ve built into the journal: rewards, consequences, and people. I’d like to focus today on my favorite one—people!

An Accountability Partner

Accountability comes in many forms—rewards and consequences are great, but there’s nothing more rewarding [and dangerous] than a successful accountability partnership. What makes for a successful accountability partnership? To simplify it, three key elements. Without any one of these three pieces, your accountability partnership will be far less likely to succeed.

  1. A mutual destination: Different end goals=split focus=distraction

  2. Complimentary skill-sets: Complimentary skill-set=you guys can actually help each other

  3. An aligned road map: To ensure both parties are benefiting each step of the way

My skill-set is X, your skill-set is Y. I’ll get you to X if you get me to Y. Here’s how.

The relationship transforms into a mentor-mentee relationship on both ends, where success is achieved only when both parties get to their end goals through their complimentary skill-sets. Through these skill-sets, build a road map to your destination, and set personal development expectations for each step.

next step

Journaling is one of my favorite things to do with someone else. A few years ago, my partner got two productivity journals, one for me and one for him. We would journal together on the train and review our morning gratitude and objectives for the day, and end each night journaling in bed. It became a rhythm for us, one we loved very much. We would go to dinner and talk about our big wins and lessons learned, and it was so nice to have someone who understood. Someone who understood the importance of goals, someone who understood mine. My best journaling advice is to find someone you care about and journal with them, it was such an important time in our relationship, and quickly became a foundation for our routine and relationship. Get an accountability partner. You don’t have to brave the journey alone, and deserve to have someone alongside you to brave the wilderness together. (Yes, referencing Brene Brown!)