Where numerous organizations struggle is in the lack of integration between talent strategy and business strategy, making it challenging to evaluate hiring needs and employee fit. For employees, this creates a disconnect with not only the organization but also other employees. And ultimately for organizations, a butterfly effect. 

After a reevaluation of culture and business values to define what each organization stands for, the trick is to integrate those values into core HR processes, beginning with establishing alignment in the hiring and onboarding processes. 


The best way to compete in the future is to create it.


Our Strategy

Triple Alignment Model

At When Toys Age, we've revolutionized storytelling through our Triple Alignment Model. Our model is not only more visually stimulating, but allows organizations to set more meaningful values, track strategic goals, and measure employee progress and culture fit against values.

Hiring for alignment

Our strategy is to design a custom hiring system that screens vigorously for alignment in:

  • Organizational values & strategy
  • Team and manager relationships
  • Nature of candidate's role & career track

Integrating all of these core variables into the hiring process allows the organization to measure the candidate's compatibility and alignment as key indicators of the candidate's success within the organization. 

On-boarding for success

We believe that on-boarding a new hire should feel like welcoming a childhood friend to your home. That's why we help organizations design a killer employee value proposition upon entrance. We help organization design:

  • A welcome storybook that guides new hires through the organization's history, values, ecosystem, community, and opportunities to explore their own potential
  • A buddy system to ease their transition into the role and culture (Yes, this includes a system for determining the right buddies!