Talent Strategy

  • Cultural Diagnostic

  • For the purpose of values clarification, Raths, Harmin and Simon identified seven criteria that must be met if a value is to be considered a full value. These criteria can be divided into three categories: choosing, prizing and acting. To be a full value, the value must be chosen freely from a list of alternatives, only after thoughtful consideration has been given to the consequences of each alternative. The value must be cherished and made known to other people. The value must also be translated into behaviors that are consistent with the chosen value and integrated into the life style.

  • Integrate your talent strategy with your business strategy. 

    a. Lighthouse clarity (I-P model and culture model)

    b. Management-employee? What tests?

    c. Culture test/guidelines

  • Is your talent strategy rooted in your business strategy? (Culture isn’t just HR practices, it’s business practices)
  • Does your company work as distinctively as it competes?