Line of Best Fit

The Line of Best Fit lab pursues creative opportunities to scalable wellness. Our primary motivations are to raise our collective mental, emotional and physical “fitness line.”

Our objectives are diverse: from improving mental health literacy in schools; to implementing work-life balance practices in organizations; to facilitating research to practice integration; to ideating new solutions to close urgent gaps in health care. Our projects to expand the quality and accessibility of health solutions.


* indicates a current project

  • How can we extend the role of the consumer in standardized healthcare?
  • Target healthcare gaps as a whole, look at the roles that federal-state programs, independent players, and individuals “patients” play in the quality of healthcare.¬†
  • ¬†that we can automate…what are outdated proccesses…what can we subsitutute with
  • I work in mental healthcare and sometimes we have to push patients away
  • Why does our system make it so hard for seniors to get healthcare coverage? It’s like they go out of their way to make it harder so seniors can’t collect their benefits/
  • If daily journaling can influence habits, to what extent can we design the framework of journals to shape our mindsets and daily patterns?*
  • Can a mindset framework reset our daily patterns and give us a more balanced perspective of each day?*
  • What does personalized health automation look like in a community?*
  • How can we provide nutrition to those in need?*
  • How can we build health and mindset into our school systems?*
  • How can we leverage ingenuity to connect the most urgent dots in healthcare?*
  • What does the term “balance” actually mean and how does it influence the way we approach our lives?

    Leverage the term as an instrument to advance our wellness*


  • Understand the mental health epidemic from the perspective of students, teachers, educators, and scholars
  • Identify the weakest links of the education system and the inflection points with the greatest impact to students, educators, and schools
  • To develop innovative teaching methods that translate into unconventional intellectual experiences
  • To build meaningful opportunities for intellectual growth inside and outside the formal classroom space
  • To directly address the systemic biases and limitations