Future Citizen Sketches

Future Citizen Sketches is one of our most unique labs as it takes the perspective of future citizens from a theoretical future society. We extend the term “citizen” here to describe a verified member of an institution, where an individual can be a “citizen” of a company, state, society…etc. 

As mankind continues to mature, what follows is an evolution of theories, practices, and systems of organization. And as the modern roles of government and independent organizations continue to shift, these blurred lines inspire new questions about the future of citizenship, and evidently, the birth of the Future Citizen Sketches lab. 

Our lab builds on this unique opportunity to rethink the roles that each institution plays in the everyday lives of their “citizens.” We focus on the ideation, development, and testing of scalable resources that contribute to the prosperity of future citizens.


  • What benefits can cities offer its residents today?
  • To what extent do public officials understand what their citizens need from them?
  • How do we identify, strengthen, and disseminate the bodies of knowledge, skills, and capacities that citizens need in order to succeed at operating their democracy? (inspired by Danielle Allen, Ph.D.)
  • How do we provide citizens with a common purpose that transcends cultural, religious, and political differences?
  • What does democracy look like beyond the 21st century?
  • What political philosophies, ideologies, and structures will emerge from today’s challeneges?
  • In what ways might current organizational trends shape future political organizations and their philosophies?