Strategic Goal Alignment Workshop

Strategic Goal Alignment Workshop



This workshop was inspired by the leaders who refuse to lose sight of the collective vision, by those who understand the importance of uniting people and teams, those who differentiate expectation from vision, and by the millennials who believe in purpose. Leadership isn’t about one’s position, it’s about one’s mindset and resonance.

Our approach to this workshop is based on our Integrity-Potential Model, and intended for any company looking to unite teams and gain clarity on their vision, expectations, direction, and potential. This is a highly interactive workshop aimed to align bottom-up vision with management goals, to expand teams under a collective vision, and further integrate purpose and value in everyday work.

The workshop is particularly important for new managers. While we often feel compelled to start with sure wins—changing structure and processes or introducing a new vision, it’s crucial to recognize that people support what they help create; vision is about understanding the collective purpose and building direction around it.


•The power of a common purpose—Building vision by aligning direction with purpose. Is your company heading in the right direction?

•Open the box—differentiating expectation from vision, and the dangers of not doing so

•Inside the mind of Millennials—Purpose is important to them, so its important to you. How important exactly, you ask?

•Alignment as the first step—How to align employees during the recruitment process

•Continuous alignment—Onboarding, professional development, performance management

•The modern 360 degree employee—what to expect and how to prepare


•Identify the obstacles within your company that disrupt the alignment of vision, direction and purpose

•Separate expectations from vision, deconstruct mentality barriers, and understand why some programs fail to deliver the results you expect

•Learn how to assess compatibility and align applicants even before the hire

•Explore ways to integrate alignment into your recruiting, onboarding, professional development, and performance management processes, and understand what metrics to keep an eye on when tracking alignment

•Discover small things you can do that generate ripple effects

•Better understand your employees by asking the right questions and establishing accountability metrics

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