Team Alignment Workshop

Team Alignment Workshop

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The inspiration behind this movement? That power we feel when we meet someone or do something, and instantly feel ourselves expand. The vision of people going to work everyday with that power. All the companies who value employees and trends, and not just current output. Companies with long-term vision and a strong purpose—those who integrate innovation into their mindset and culture. And lastly, the fear that organizations that are filled with employees flooding with untapped and unrecognized potential. After all, what’s worst than training employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay, right?

The deeper we understand the trends, the more clearly we see that the prospect of employee expansion isn’t far—so many companies are already unknowingly taking steps toward it. Employee expansion is just the next leap forward in the trend. We consider ourselves the pioneer and leader of employee expansion—and the expansion we feel when we’re at work, we want everyone to create their own chance to experience it and help others experience it.

And hey, while everyone’s still focused on employee engagement, this is your chance for competitive advantage!


•Staying ahead of the trend—what does the future of employment look like? 

•Introducing employee expansion—what does it mean to expand at work and how can we make it happen? 

•See the possibility—what happens when employees expand at work?

•Why the expansion of your company and business begin with foundation, and how to solidify your foundation.

•The evolution of the employee and emergence of the 360 Degree Employee


•Explore & understand the trends of employment, and what it means for your team.

•Discover the missing link in employee growth and employee engagement models.

•Develop the expansionist mindset and practice employee expansion in day-to-day settings.

•Learn what to expect when employees expand, and how we can support expansion as an organization.

The tools that Hillary offered in our session helped me clarify the next steps in growing/promoting my solo business. The scheme of mission-goals-value is clear in addition to a tangible timeline to achieve specific goals (3-, 6-, 12- months from now). While the personal-business alignment is necessary for any successful business,  what is unique about Hillary is that she brings a breadth of experiences and gives a valuable personal feedback, challenges in a gentle and supportive way,  approaches the process intuitively and creatively, and stimulates that next step that wouldn't be possible otherwise. Truly grateful and would definitely recommend her services to others. 

Mariya Shiyko, PhD, life & business coach

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