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Student community impact



We connect with researchers within northeastern to find a suitable identity. Perfect for researchers. Students will find participants.

(Find researchers)

(Research relevant institutions)


people management

Our students from the program guide them through a life design program, serving as their accountability & coaches. Perfect for coaches and managers.

(Offer as course-Create Syllabus: including how to find participants)

(research relevant guests)



Our journalists & creative writers follow participants through their journeys and weave the stories together under our theme. Great for journalists and storytellers.

(Hercampus & other writing clubs)

(Research relevant employers)



ARTISTs & expression

Collaborate with different styles of expression and have them each express themselves in their own way

Have some kind of contest, artwork is used to fund…

(Reach out to professors, art clubs)



These are the people making this happen. Oversee the project and implementation, and also the community. Great for project & product & community managers.

Consider gathering professors to supervise this. Also, how will it come together? Monthly meeting? When?

(Reach out to relevant professors)


strategy & Marketing

Relationship management. Outreach, strategic partnerships with other organizations. Great for connectors, people going into sales, recruiting, marketing, content creation, and people looking to build their network.

What about engineers???

(Reach out to organizations to support & fund program)


In addition, these companies are funding our program and will have access to top talent. 

(tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll help you screen)


the neu message

spreading neu research

Usually research only gets published within research community, bringing it to a wider audience

Diversity and Inclusion

Highlight importance of diversity & inclusion through identities.

The NEU identity

Such a big school, what brings everyone together? Art & storytelling. Bringing all these different disciplines together.

Application and recruiting

NEU known for opportunities. Students will have real life application of their role and also be part of this meaningful community, but also help pilot this idea as connect with potential employers. What better place to pioneer this program?


life + management course at neu

Course Intro: A life design course developing self-discovery and self-management skills.  

Audience: For students looking to develop life and EQ skills necessary in personal and professional environments.


  1. Identity: Self-discovery, overcoming limiting beliefs, setting and values

  2. Equilibrium: Goal setting, developing the structure, habits, circle, content to maximize personal accountability

  3. Expression: Clarity on vision and balancing skills with vision in order to achieve desired mission and create impact.


Think of an independent student-run business operating across all disciplines of Northeastern.