Joining Perspectives

You know what works for you and what doesn’t. We’re not saying replace anything. We’re saying—take everything that works and bring them together under one framework to help build the structure and life that works for you, and keep you inspired.

Productivity + Health Journals

Alex is a mother of three and small business owner. After using the journal, she’s allocated over 10 hours a week for self-care and inspiration by setting more aligned goals and avoiding distractions.

Productivity + Lifestyle Blogs

Henry manages dozens of high-profile portfolios. He’s also a family man and expecting a daughter! The journal helps him approach each day with intention and gratitude, and walk into the next day with feeling prepared and excited

Coach + Accountability Groups

James and three friends are in college and raising capital for their start up. The team uses the journal to manage not only their performance, but also their health and lifestyle to stay balanced and avoid burnout.

Personal Management Tools

Ally is a coach and personal friend. She needed a tool that she could carry around and manage her team and clients with. She’s the very reason we now have custom-made journals for organizations.

Thanks Ally!