By Hillary Wen



To help you build a mission that speaks to you and draws you to take actions.

What you need

Take some time and space away from your normal day-to-day. Go to a new coffee shop, a book store, a hotel, or better yet, take a vacation to refuel your dreams. This is about realigning yourself with your vision for the world, your vision for life, and your vision for yourself!


The Structure

Review your vision from you Integrity Project, it will really help you build your mission statement. Maybe you want to build a mission statement for the quarter, maybe you want to use your life mission statement and keep it as your north star.

I’ve been building mission statements almost every quarter for over a decade, and I’ve build this little formula that works for me.

Mission: Inspire (who) your values (what) through (how) - (why)

The Questions

  1. The Who: There are so many people in this world. Who do you want to reach and inspire? In other words, the world that you want to build—who do you want to invite in?

  2. The What: Think of the values you identified in the Circle Exercise we did together. What were the key values and qualities that resonated most with you? What is your message to the world?

  3. The Why: We all know the famous line, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Yes, the famous Start With Why speech! It’s so famous for a reason—because it’s true. You need to know what fuels you. What you do fight for?

  4. The How: There are billions of people in the world, but only one you. What makes you, you? What are the gifts and experiences that are yours and yours alone, and how can you use them to build the world that you dream of?

Next Step

Now, align your mission with your goals and values using our Triple Alignment Model.