Triple Alignment Model Launch Campaign


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30 Days Until Launch


Why Us?

We're a small team with big dreams of solving universal problems. While designing and building the next generation of employee engagement and employee value proposition is not easy, it is urgent and necessary. With the 25 million jobs projected to disappear in the next ten years, it's the time to create new roles and allow employee potential to come alive in their work. Understanding how to take advantage of the transformation is the only way we won't fall behind and disappear with the jobs. But the future of work is something to be excited for, and WTA exists to build the framework to ease that transition.

So who are we, really? We're a team of visionaries and experimenters. And after a year of hard work and coming alive, we're launching our Triple Alignment Model, a visualization & strategic tool designed to measure alignment between goals & teams, and fundamentally rethink the way we build teams and set goals. Think Business Model Canvas, but for team & goal alignment.

With the evolving economic landscape, organizations find it stressful to keep up with innovation, technology, and employee needs. And as employees, we find ourselves constantly required to juggle new business priorities and align our teams with new strategic goals. The Triple Alignment Model makes that more agile and far less overwhelming, and offers a way for employees to align their role to strategic goals for a greater sense of purpose, direction, and alignment. 

Why Now?

In the beginning of the quarter, we asked ourselves, "Where do we want to be at the end of the year and what's stopping us from achieving it this quarter?" So we decided that in one quarter, we would form the dream team, build out the model and service, and share it with three teams. It seemed impossible at the time, but we've completed 2/3 goals. One more left to go!

And now we're reaching out to like-minded individuals, teams, and organizations who, like us, believe that alignment is at the core of the future of work. 

Even beyond seeking your support, we want this campaign to show you the power behind aligning mission, goals, and values. Our values, you ask? 

  • Deep Play, Deep Answers
  • Strength in Invisible Ties
  • Why not?
  • Dedication is Contagious
  • Absolute Faith in People & the Future
  • Expansion of Potential

This is not a crowd-funding campaign, this is a crowd-aligning campaign; we're a campaign to bring together like-minded organizations to join us on this mission for greater alignment.  


By supporting us, you're saying, "I believe in the future of work too, and I believe the future of work starts here & now." Startup life isn't easy, and your support not only helps fuel our dream of bringing the future of work to the present, but also keeps us designing and building new models, concepts, and programs for individuals, teams, and organizations to use.

In addition, you can track the impact you make because we'll be using your support to directly fund the following initiatives:

  • Build platform for an interactive Triple Alignment Model Canvas
  • Build a platform for our B2B Mentorship Program
  • Continue providing free tools & resources

How You Can Help

ENGAGE. Bring us to your organization and see first hand the power of goal and team alignment.

Share. If you believe in the power of alignment, please do share our campaign with the world. Whether it’s by email, social, or carrier pigeon, your voice will go a long way.

Connect. If you know any organizations going through the process of goal setting or team building, make an introduction! Especially with Q3 right around the corner. 

Join. Sign up to receive our updates, resources, and invitations to upcoming events.

The Pioneers Who Believe in Us


What's your role in all of this?

We're grateful that you can join us at this stage of our journey. No matter how old you are, we'll always remember you as a childhood friend. 

Help us take one step closer to realignment. Be part of the transition into the future of work. 

Monetary Contribution With No Reward


Half-Day Team Training

Train on how to use our resources to properly prepare for goal setting, start thinking about how their team supports each other and the ultimate goal.

Half Day Training on how to use our model and integrate it into your list--content, habits, lifestyle...processes, values, culture. 

Plus free access to our private library of resources

Team Training + 2-Day Strategic Planning

We'll send your team resources to prepare them for the goal-setting strategy.

Team Training + 2-Day Strategic Planning + B2B Mentorship Program

Strategic HR Partner, 6 months

We will personally join your team for half a year and sit in on the important meetings, strategic sessions, with regular check-ins. It's like hiring a employee without having to pay for our healthcare, space, and luxuries, & you can cutting edge information and resources from thought leaders. 


B2B Mentorship Program

Special rights to see our list to see who you want to work with

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Want to learn more about how to use this model for personal goal setting? Visit our sister organization!