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The EQ Journal

This simple yet powerful journal follows an intricately-designed process to help individuals align their inner strategist and artist, finding the balance between their productive and creative health everyday. One of the most powerful aspects of this journal is that it weaves together the how and the who so we can one day look back not only at what we accomplished, but also who we were at the time. Using tested models for productivity and self-care, this journal provides both the framework and the flexibility to align and execute your work with your life.


life design course

Our Triple Alignment Model is a strategic tool and methodology designed to measure alignment between mission, values, and goals. Learn how to use our model and methodology for life design and organizational design to set aligned goals and structures, and to build teams and habits.

Life design for individuals

And partnering with Edlitera to bring you organization design

The course comes with an EQ journal

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 Custom Journals

In addition to our EQ Journal, we work with executives, entrepreneurs, parents, coaches, and organizations to design custom journals that bring visions to life through daily alignment and balance.


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