Professional Development


With turnover at an all time high, organizations fear that their employees are unengaged, and wonder why employees leave the organization.  

When Facebook conducted a study to uncover this, they were surprised to find that the main cause of employee departure was the nature of job itself. Some key factors of the job include: upward mobility, meaningful work, growth, opportunities to use their skills and abilities, challenge, autonomy, and recognition. 

This prompted the immediate realization that in order to allow employees to guide their career paths and work, there needed to be a focus on incorporating job design in organizational values and culture. 

The question then becomes how can we design jobs so that:

1) Employees are more productive and satisfied

2) It results in greater organizational efficiency



  • Create culture that encourages employees to take initiative to shape their own work content and automate redundant tasks
  • Integrate cultural, skills, and values alignment in hiring and onboarding processes
  • Build processes that sustain and further fuel renewed interest in work more stimulating work
  • Provide incentives to help companies adapt to digital disruption and changing employee needs
  • Help growing companies reorganization title and organization structure to better support their growth
  • Alter structure and content of work with the goal of improving performance, well-being, efficiency, presenteeism, and lower stress, burn-out, turnover, and distractions