Celebrating The Right People

Yesterday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed the legislation that adds New Mexico to the list of states now celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day (in replacement of Columbus Day).

Today we celebrate alongside South Dakota, Alaska, Minnesota, Vermont, Oregon, Nevada, Maine, and Louisiana, and the generations of families who suffered from the violence, oppression, and slavery that came with Columbus. Here’s the hard truth—If we want to become better as a society, then we have to rethink who and what we celebrate as a nation. If some of our national Holidays bring pain and injustice to a group of people, then we’re not the nation we claim we are.

And if the civil/human rights icon, Martin Luther King Jr.’s allegations are true, then we wonder if it’s time—as a nation—to pull together the courage to look into our history and make the hard choices that stand for justice…starting with the people we teach our children to celebrate. If not for society, then for all the brave women who spoke up in the #metoo movement. FYI: Rosa Parks’ birthday is in February.

Ending Child Marriage

Ending Child Marriage

Last week, the bill to ban child marriage in Massachusetts passed the Senate unanimously, 39-0, and is now going to the House for consideration. This is one HUGE step toward making this world a safer home for children today and for future generations.

We’d like to take a moment here and celebrate this win alongside Pallavi KN, our strategic partnerships lead, who is also a part of the UNICEF team that’s been fighting to make this happen. Thank you for your contribution to us, Pallavi, and for making a difference in this world.

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