When Toys Age
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In school, I was always the kid that asked the teacher if I could do a different project instead, and research what others didn’t before. Some teachers told me to fit in, some teachers fostered my creativity and imagination. I have both to thank.


 In high school, I witnessed something awful and wanted to do something about it. My dad told me. If you go now you won't be able to help. If you truly want to help, do well in school so you can be in a place where you can help.




I founded When Toys Age to create a space that felt more like home to me. This allows me to do everything I love. Who know what else I'll do. All I know is that I'm happy here. Aside from running When Toys Age, I also write poetry and organizational consultant.


 journey — your eq journey begins with a decision to live your best life. by getting this journal, taking the first step to success and happiness everyday.

framework — inspired by TAM

journal — calendar and journal. 2 years of perfecting

vision / mission — vision is. Library system and coaches to keep you inspired and connected.

impact — children