The birth of When Toys Age

Wen is my last name, Thoi [toi] is my mother’s maiden name, and all the names in our family begin with the letter H. When Toys Age was created as a symbol of home and an unwavering commitment to building a better home both within ourselves and in the world around us.

My family is one of those contagiously happy families. People continuously ask us what our secret is, and truth is, we weren’t always this happy. One of my most treasured childhood memories is of one distinct fight when my sister walked into our parents’ argument with a math book and pen asking everyone for help—not because she needed the help, but because she knew their love for her would bring them together. I watched in amazement at how quickly conflict turned to warmth and laughter. That’s when she turned to me and smiled, and it was from that memory that When Toys Age was born. Inspired by her creativity and love, my vision for When Toys Age is to be a home to projects that bring the world together.

Toys stand for creativity, fun, growth. At some point, when “toys” age, it is our job to take them apart, redesign them, and build something better. Our family works because we each do our part and more, and never stop building the family we believe in. I hope that through When Toys Age, we can invite more of this into our world. I created When Toys Age because I’m endlessly fascinated by the human mind, enjoy breaking down complex issues, and wish to see creative solutions for real global issues.

Welcome home,
Hillary Wen