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Who Comes First.

We believe that the self journey begins with the who. That before you can think about the impact you want to create, you need to first build the person you wish to become.


Highest Self Magazine

a destination for you TO IMMERSE yourself IN PEOPLE, STORIES, AND CONTENT THAT BRING out your HIGHEST SELf.


Interviewing high caliber individuals on their self-love journey: what they stand for, and how they invite more of it into their worlds. We focus on the who…Unlock their challenges and self-care practices.


our mission is to bring together people and stories that inspire us to embrace and free our highest selves, and to together build a world where everyone can do the same.


a beauty revolution!

Finding individuals WHO RADIATE THEIR OWN KIND OF BEAUTY to UNLOCK THEIR INNER WORLDS, THEIR SELF-care HABITS AND ROUTINES, and TO remind us all to embrace our potential.


A Community of higher selves

what do you stand for and are you ready to stand alongside other creators and share it with the world?


Bring together artists, strategists and what do you create? A community of higher selves. Let us give you a glimpse of what that looks like.


the integrity project

30 day challenge to reimagine your highest self and paint the picture of who you wish to become—one day at a time, one quote at a time. We’ve also come up with a way to help you hold yourself accountable.