The Accountability Triangle: Accountability Formula + Mindset Shift

What I’m about to share is one of my key lessons learned for the quarter, and something we’re implementing here at When Toys Age. It breaks down accountability into three fundamental elements, and explains why a lot of accountability relationships fail to deliver the desired results. We call it The Accountability Triangle.

Accountability comes in many forms—rewards and consequences are great, but there’s nothing more rewarding [and dangerous] than a successful accountability partnership. What makes for a successful accountability partnership? To simplify it, three key elements. Without any one of these three pieces, your accountability partnership will be far less likely to succeed.

  1. A mutual destination: Different end goals=split focus=distraction

  2. Complimentary skill-sets: Complimentary skill-set=you guys can actually help each other

  3. An aligned road map: To ensure both parties are benefiting each step of the way

My skill-set is X, your skill-set is Y. I’ll get you to X if you get me to Y. Here’s how.

The relationship transforms into a mentor-mentee relationship on both ends, where success is achieved only when both parties get to their end goals through their complimentary skill-sets. Through these skill-sets, build a road map to your destination, and set personal development expectations for each step.