Is There A Strategy To Getting The Most Of Work And Life Everyday?


Notes + Ideas

Daily Calendar

Daily Tracker

Reflection + Lessons


Work-Life Balance

When your work and life fall out of balance, so do your stress levels. And it’s especially easy these days to blur the lines between work and life, making it pivotal to establish clear boundaries.

1. Daily Calendar

The best way to resist temptation is through structures and habits. Always have a daily calendar so you can block out the time that you need. By budgeting your time and organizing your day into a series of time slots, you’re a step closer to beating procrastination and turning intentions into actions.

Use this section to help you stay focused, remove distractions from your days, and track how fulfilled you are in each activity you engage in.

2. Notes + Ideas

Throughout the day, document the most important decisions, takeaways, and next steps from each activity so you can always go back and reference the date and source. Remember to separate these from your typical meeting notes. By doing this effectively, you separate the real work with the distractions both on paper and in your head.

3. Daily Habits

Habits don’t just shape your day, they shape your character. It’s important that you write down a list of desired habits everyday and check them off as you achieve them. Remember that your habits heavily influence your days, that each and every habit represents a part of you that isn’t shining the way it wants to be. Committing to your habits isn’t just about living the day you want, it’s about being who you know you can be.

4. Reflection + Lessons

Reflection is key to growth. By documenting your feelings, learnings, and takeaways from each day, you feel a sense of progress and completion. That feeling is growth, and by documenting it, you can always refer back to it.