The Most Effective Way To End Each Day



Next Steps

Happiest Moments

Evening Gratitude


What does success look like tomorrow?

What kind of person will I show up as tomorrow?


Completing Each Day

The best way to walk away from each day is with the feeling that we lived a full and complete day. The best way to walk into the next day is to visualize it, visualize yourself in it. and invite it in.


1. Celebrating Each Day’s Wins (1 min.)

At the end of each night, take a look at your entire day from start to finish. Review your schedule and habits—all the meetings, the thoughts, ideas, the lessons, and ask yourself—What were today’s biggest accomplishments? Were they your “big three” objectives for today? If not, what did you do instead?

And don’t forget to celebrate your wins. Some days you feel like you’re invincible, and other days, getting out of bed is a victory. Celebrate them because only once you accept them can you let go of today and move on to the tomorrow. Remember, “Don’t judge each day but the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.”

2. Setting Next Steps (1 min.)

Once you’ve reviewed your top accomplishments of the day, tie it back to your bigger goals. Based on everything you know, decide what the best next step should be from here. This will help you get a sense of where you should focus your attention in the next few days.

3. Happiest Moments (1 min.)

Sit back, relax, and give yourself space to run through the day in your head—what were your favorite moments, the moments brought the most joy and fulfillment? Replay those moments in your head and hold onto them, because those are the moments of magic that we live for. The everyday magic.

4. Evening Gratitude (1 min.)

The day isn’t really complete until you come full circle, so here it is. Look around you again and ask yourself, “What or who in your life do you feel most grateful for?” It’s important that you document different things everyday. If you’re grateful for a loved one, write down why you’re feeling particularly blessed that day. Really let yourself feel the gratitude, and then ask yourself what you can do to give back in your own unique way.


Stepping Into Tomorrow


5. Visualizing Tomorrow’s Success (2 min.)

What does success look like tomorrow? Before you close your eyes, visualize how your ideal day would go. How do you want to feel at the end of the day tomorrow? Review your weekly objectives and this week’s accomplishments to date and ask yourself, “What three things can I focus on tomorrow that will bring me closest to my goals?” Also think about what challenges you might face and how you can navigate your way through them. Make sure you go to bed each night feeling excited for the next day. If you don’t feel the excitement, something is out of alignment.

6. Visualizing Tomorrow’s You (2 min.)

The best way to end a night is to fall asleep feeling the way you want to wake up the next day. There’s no better way to prepare yourself for the next day than to close your eyes as the person you wish to be tomorrow. You’ve set goals for tomorrow and you’ve gone through the possible challenges in your head—all the hard work is already done. Now all you need to do is figure out who you want to show up as tomorrow, and show up.