The Most Powerful 4 Step Morning Framework


Weekly Big Three

Daily Big Three

Morning Excitement

Morning Gratitude


Priming Our Mindset + Energy

Developing a powerful morning routine is the key to top performance and lifestyle balance. One of our highest peak productivity times are in the morning, and setting the right routine builds the framework to maintain longer periods of both performance and equilibrium.

Over the span of our lives, we build systems and habits that bring us closer to our visions for our lives and our visions for ourselves. Our habits and systems may evolve overtime, but these four simple morning habits remind us of the life we want to live and the person we want to be, priming our mindset and energy to live the most complete day. Consistency is key, so let every habit you adopt build from this framework.

We also know that mornings are often rushed so we can get to our busy lives of responsibilities. Just remember that the things we’re responsible to—they’re not just tasks. They’re important pieces of us.

The Framework


1. Review Your Main Objectives For The Week (1 min.)

While your weekly objectives are established before the week begins, writing them down everyday both brings them to life and puts them at the forefront of your mind. Never underestimate the power of repetition, especially at the start of every morning. The more you believe in your objectives, the closer you are to achieving them.

2. Set Your Daily Intentions (1 min.)

After reviewing your weekly objectives, take a step back and visualize your objectives for the day. What are the most important three things can you focus on today that will best support your weekly goals? Write them down and make them official. Remember that the first objective on any list should be the most important thing you need to focus on.

3. Morning Visualization (1 min.)

Give yourself some space to visualize your entire day. What are you most looking forward to? What are you most excited for?

4. Morning Gratitude (1 min.)

No matter how busy you are, don’t forget to take a moment every morning to look around you and appreciate what you have. Sometimes the smallest things put the biggest smiles on our faces. Don’t forget to look around.