When Toys Age
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The Challenge

In the age of heightened stress levels, how can we optimize everyday to live our most successful and fulfilled lives?


The Outcome

The Equilibrium Journal, When Toys Age

The Equilibrium Journal

The most effective framework to optimize daily performance and balance, and live each day as complete as possible.


Our Story


At When Toys Age we build projects that empower us to reimagine the way we tell our stories. With a mission to maximize human identity, equilibrium, and expression, we pour our hearts and souls into each project to maximize our the experience and yours!

We’re a small team with big dreams of answering universal questions.


When asking ourselves what kind of change we wanted to bring to the world, one of the biggest problems we identified was the heightened levels of stress and dissatisfaction correlated with work-life imbalance and information overload. We made a commitment then to build a product that would inspire us to wake up feeling excited and prepared, live each day closer to our vision for life and our ideal selves, and walk away from each day feeling happy and accomplished.

With our mission as our north star, we dove into the vast sea of productivity, health, mindset research, and realized internet was overcrowded with tips and hacks. It was then that we realized that what the world needed was a simple, fundamental and effective framework, a framework that everyone could build off of and customize to their needs, no matter where they were in life. We also wanted to make the experience personal and intuitive—something that people could looks at years from now and be reminded not only of where they were in life, but also who they were.

In this digital age, we also knew we had to build a tool separate from the world of technology, one that brought us back to the fundamentals. We chose a journal because we want you to feel like you’re writing your own story—because you are, with every thought, decision, and action that you make. It was a plus that through our research, we were also reminded of the neurological filtration system of crafting handwritten messages, the strategic and cognitive benefits of writing goals by hand. Thus The Equilibrium Journal was born.



Our vision for this framework and journal is as a medium to build the lives, relationships, teams, organizations that we’re capable of, and together, a more balanced world. This journal is not only a carrier of the framework, but also a way to connect and share experiences.

This project is dedicated to the individuals, teams, and organization who are committed not only to the impact of their work, but also to living a fulfilled, self-actualized life.

Within the EQ journal lives our commitment to building the most fundamental and effective framework to maximize both performance and equilibrium.


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In addition to our extensive research, the Equilibrium Journal draws from years of using / learning from the great journals that came before us—productivity journals, health journals, gratitude journals, creativity journals, self-discovery journals…etc.

A special thank you to the creators of these journals. Your work has inspired our team to build the best experience this world has to offer. We wouldn’t be here without you!


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Undated: The journal is designed to be flexible so you can make it completely your own! It’s also left undated so you can choose today to be your DAY 1.

Quarterly: This is a quarterly journal (13 weeks), the ideal habit-building and goal-setting time frame.


Jan 2018

February 2018

September 2018

January 2019

February 2019

Journal Idea

First Prototype + Study group (Friends / family)

Second Prototype + Study group (Entrepreneurs)

Third Prototype + Study Group (Managers)

The Equilibrium Journal Launch


The mission of this project is to help individuals reimagine their stories by aligning the impact they want to create with the person they want to be, through a daily balance of productivity with health + life.

A portion of our earnings go to our life design + storytelling initiative that helps individuals uncover their limiting beliefs, and rewrite the identities and stories that they’ve assigned themselves. By supporting your own life, you’re also helping another individual write a more powerful, magical version of theirs.

Your Role

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