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This interview, inspired by our daily pages (below) is our ambitious attempt to capture a glimpse of what life looks like for you—the dreams you’re building, the big victories and lessons you’ve learned in your current journey, your day-to-day routine and moments…etc. We want our audience to really see what you stand for, what your journey feels like, and how they can join and support you. We wish to leverage this interview for readers to connect with you not only as a creator, but also as a human, and walk away feeling inspired to take their next step, and bring them a step closer to building a life that belongs entirely to them.

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Here is one day in the life of our journal users! We’ve included this to give you a feel of the experience from our users’ perspective.

Of course we (our team and our readers) would be honored to experience a day in your life. Let us know if you’re open to discussing this. We can only imagine the insights we could gain!

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