Our Current Predicament

With the uncertainty of AI and the rise of the gig economy, employee needs are changing faster than ever. Based on studies conducted by JobFlex and Korn Ferry, employees now value culture and flexibility over compensation. Retaining talent has become one of the greatest challenges.

With new business models and global shift, companies are forced to shift to more agile ways. In addition. the average lifespan of companies fall each year due to technological disruption and the inability to adapt fast enough. Due to technological disruption, 15 million jobs are projected to disappear in the next 10-15 years. 

Question then becomes...

Q: How can we take advantage of the transformation such that employees and organizations can grow and expand together?

A: By encouraging employees to take initiative in shaping their own work content & automating redundant tasks. 

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We're all familiar with the traditional employee growth model and current employee engagement model...

Now let's expand what we offer to:

1. Allow employees to continuously expand their potential

2. Allow organizations to continuously innovate and automate