How it works

Everyone in the company has to answer three questions

  1. One word to describe your current journey / what you stand for.

  2. What you’re looking forward to the most in life, your next goal or adventure.

  3. Mission: Quote that describes the impact you want to make.

What your company stands for. Not looking at each person by what they do, but what they stand for, who they’re trying to be, the impact they want to create, their next journey in life… Collect that for an entire company and you’ll be amazed to find where the people are headed. So something more meaningful this year. Give the book as a Christmas gift. Not just a gift, allow them to think about what they stand for, and show that you value it, and see what company you’re building collectively.

participating companies

Companies who inspire us…to get on board our mission, vision.

20% go to fund research and people in need