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I. the Triple Alignment experience

our strategic model and methodology is designed to measure alignment between your mission, values, and strategic goals, providing the framework necessary to build your team around aligned goals. based on the framework, we've designed a fun goal-setting workshop to give you a sense of the triple alignment experience.


II. triple alignment Program

based on your strategic goals, we will assemble participants from different functions to promote collaboration and communication. 

this program is an intersection of work design and life design, aligning employees' personal aspirations with career development. We'll be MEASURING each EMPLOYEE'S ALIGNMENT with the organization, culture, and work content to get a sense of how aligned the organization is. 


III. personalized plans

based on each employee's area of misalignment, we GENERATE A PERSONALIZED PROFESSIONAL AND PERFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT PLAN FOR the employee, and train managers and HR personnel on best practices.  

a big part of the program is to create an environment where employees are encouraged to take initiative in shaping their own work content and work environment in a way that aligns with the organization's mission, values, and strategic goals. 


IV. Accountability & Story-telling

our team will follow each participant through their journey and track their happiness, productivity, and commitment to the team, organization, and to each other.