Organizational Mentorship Programs


Historically, organizational design and culture have revolved around helping organizations promote an engaging employee experience in hopes of increasing organizational efficiency. Strong culture is crucial, for employees who enjoy their environment are more productive and more likely to stay at the organization. But how to do we design culture to not only promote organizational efficiency but also organizational advancement? What kind of bonds can we forge between employees that promote the sharing of knowledge, autonomy, and collaboration?

As more of a bottom up approach, this service focuses on building sustainable structures and programs to shape employee experience by forging bonds between employees and departments, and putting employees in healthy communicative ecosystems. 

Not to mention that company culture is currently ranked #1 in what employees look for--let us help you build your employee value proposition. 


  • Design peer coaching and accountability programs
  • Identify and integrate values into core HR processes
  • Implement programs that encourage collaborations and transfers between departments
  • Develop a culture of continuous recognition at all levels
  • Incorporate events like hackathons that allow employees to explore other projects and reimagine their own roles
  • Utilize a combination of measurement, communication, and recognition techniques to build powerful relationships between employees and company values