When Toys Age
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We are small team with big dreams of solving universal problems.

When Toys Age is built on a family model. At When Toys Age, we don’t have employees, we have family members. And each of our brands represent our different houses.

We hold alignment, happiness, and expansion at the very core of our culture. We believe that happy employees create happy customers which create happy stakeholders. Approach our hiring and culture in a very particular way.

First, we screen based on alignment Triple Alignment Model.

Alignment: Employees work on a 50/50 model, where they co-create their own roles.

Growth: Build professional development / performance management plans based on your desired growth.

Expansion: Growth isn’t always linear. Encourage employees to explore other departments so product managers have an opportunity to experience a product through the eyes of a marketer.

Your work is as much about you / where you want to go as it is us and what we need. We’re not experts but we learn as we go and encourage you to take the risks to do so.

We operate on a 50/50 model. You tell us where you want your career to go. We set you up with projects that give you experience. This relationship is as much about you as it is about us.