A Commitment Beyond WTA

These are our current experiments aimed to provide insight into human mindsets & behavior. We hope that these projects bring community forces together and connect potential toward a greater cause. If you find that our research benefits your company / research, help fund our projects, or partner with us & send resources our way. 


One of the most valuable questions I've ever asked was, What comes first: being someone or doing something?

What do our answers say about us?

To contribute to the  experiment,  click the  button below. We will post our research in our blog for you to read. 

Candidate Compatibility Project

We are currently developing company-specific surveys to link a candidate's compatibility with the culture and team. This is intended as a tool to validate and align candidates before the hire. 

The Integrity Project

Integrity is the state of being unified and undivided. Everyday, we are faced with decisions and value judgments (sliding door moments), and a commitment to integrity gives us clarity when faced with those moments. Integrity allows us to make the right decisions rather than the easy ones.

The intention of this project is to build something to refer to during tough times to ensure that every decision we make stays true to who we are and want to become.