What's it like to be a pioneer?


B2B Mentorship

How We Can Help

  1. Challenge the status quo & transform the way businesses interact 
  2. Increase employee expansion & inspire innovation
  3. Understand employee dissatisfaction & decrease turnover
  4. Encourage teams to think outside the box & take calculated risks
  5. Expose managers to different leadership styles & raise the bottom line
  6. Expose companies to other systems, processes, rhythms & cultures
  7. Engage businesses with local communities & new technology
  8. It's about raising the bottom line for all of us

The experience is designed to include (but definitely not limited to) the benefits of

  • Team building workshops
  • Community outreach projects
  • Personal and peer coaching
  • Company retreats

How It Works

It's simple. We examine your team's challenges, and pair you with team from a different company who is experiencing similar challenges. We then facilitate a 3-day event designed to expand individuals, teams, and companies altogether.

WTA Member Benefit

Members are allowed one workshop/month for any given team.

Refer 5 teams and get one free when they sign up!

Included Extras

  • Free Coaching Session with BostonSpeaks

Package includes

  • Team matching service, finding you the most qualified and suitable group
  • Expansion workshop valued at up to $3000 (one per package)
  • WTA models and tests valued at up to $3000 (one per member); possible tests include a personality test, behavioral test, rewards receptivity test, dissatisfaction test, power & innovation test, communication style test & leadership test
  • Metrics and evaluations (one per person)
  • Team progress & summary report (one per team)
  • Venue at CIC Boston, one of Boston's largest innovation communities
  • Lunch and light refreshments
  • Facilitators depending on the group size


  • Highly interactive sessions and lots of growth, engagement, and expansion.
  • Vacation Experience (company retreat, workshop, team building, personal & peer coaching, networking, community outreach...all in one inclusive package).
  • Understand your own potential, learn more about your team members, and discover how to create the optimal environment for productivity, innovation, and expansion.
  • Explore new techniques (verbal and non-verbal) to better communicate with team members.
  • Be prepared to meet new people, teams, and missions, and think outside the box to solve current and future issues.
  • Collaborate with local entrepreneurs, artists, and scientists, and bring the knowledge back to your company, 
  • Next steps to walk away with, as well as some friends.