Our Dream Is To Let The Expanders E X P A N D

& the most effective way is for teams to expand one another through B2B mentorship


Why do we do this?

The purpose of the B2B expansion program is to:

  1. Challenge the status quo & transform the way businesses interact 
  2. Increase employee expansion & inspire innovation
  3. Understand employee dissatisfaction & decrease turnover
  4. Encourage teams to think outside the box & take calculated risks
  5. Expose managers to different leadership styles & raise the bottom line
  6. Expose companies to other systems, processes, rhythms & cultures
  7. Engage businesses with local communities & new technology
  8. It's about raising the bottom line for all of us

The experience is designed to include (but definitely not limited to) the benefits of

  • Team building workshops
  • Community outreach projects
  • Personal and peer coaching
  • Company retreats

How does it work?

2017-10-19 01_09_21-Presentation1 - PowerPoint.png

It's simple. We examine your team's challenges, and pair you with team from a different company who is experiencing similar challenges. We then facilitate a 3-day event designed to expand individuals, teams, and companies altogether.

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